Fair fees for arts degrees!

The Federal Government is proposing significant and unjustifiable University fee hikes to Arts and Humanities subjects – crushing the dreams of students and harming Australia’s communications industry for years to come.

Legislation will go to a vote in Canberra on 6 October. Take action now! Senator Striling Griff has the casting vote. Ask him, today, to VOTE NO!!!

We need your help fighting the fee hike so the graduating classes of 2020 and beyond have a fair go at chasing their career dreams – and Australia has the talent needed to fuel our Essential Services.

What you can do? Ask Senator Griff to VOTE NO!

Write to Senator Griff. Share our social posts. Ask friends to contact him. Everything you need is below.

  1. Write to Senator Griff (senator.griff@aph.gov.au) An email is best. Here’s a template you can use.
  2. Share on social. Here are some digital ‘assets’ you can use to share on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And remember, a post with the representative tagged (@Stirling_G) via social media pressure, reaches directly out to the senator!
  3. Strengthen your argument. Use one or more of the proof points here.
  4. Get personal. The templates are just that – templates. Feel free to build your own arguments, but just remember – be polite, and focus on how this personally affects you, your family, friends or industry.

Members of Parliament

SA: Senator Stirling Griff


TAS: Senator Jacqui Lambie

SA: Senator Rex Patrick


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