Digital Assets

Additional ‘designed’ digital assets you can share on social media will be ready and loaded up here for you to use shortly. Meanwhile, here are the key messages to use in your social posts, or similar! Thanks.

  • Put communications where it belongs – with English and Creative Arts in Cluster Two
  • Stop the clusterf*ck. Put communications in Cluster Two
  • Communications in Cluster Two is the only solution to this clusterf*ck
  • Help solve the clusterf*ck – put communications in Cluster Two
  • One plus one equals Cluster Two for communications
  • Cluster One is a clusterf*ck – put communications in Cluster Two

Social Media Banners

Social Media Video


Steps – How to share on LinkedIn

  • Step 1 – Download this PDF
  • Step 2 – When creating a post in LinkedIn, click the document icon
  • Step 3 – It should then appear with 3 tiles that you can scroll through.
  • Step 4 – Then you can add your title to the document:
  • Step 4 – Click “Done” and then write your post linking to


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